International Students Conference in Implementation of Sustainable Organic Farming to Support Green Animal Production For Food Security and Human Welfare


The livestock sector is play important role for the sustainablele agriculture and many ecosystems; however, it also has a high environmental impact. Due to the growing demand for animal products, there is a need to design new livestock production systems that allow the combination of food security and sustainability. Within this context, organic livestock may be a useful strategy to achieve such a pivotal goal Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Deveopment Goals (SDGs). To fulfill the target of SDGs, animal production plays important roles in producing food for human consumption including increasing economic values and services. Alternative strategies to improve and maintain green and sustainable animal production, environmental factors and green concept to support food security and human welfare need to be considered.
International Students Conference collaboartion with Summer course is one of the international program of IPB involving student from foreign countries to discuss and learning about livestock production, and related aspect to support food security programThe Fisrt International Students Conference Department Animal Production and technology (DAPT) will be conducted following the great success of the previous Summer Course of DAPT 2017-2019. The thema of the first International students conference DAPT is” Implementation of sustainable organic farming to support green animal production for food security and human welfare

  1.  Presenting the development of science and technology innovations in animal production
  2. Disseminating the results of animal research or idea on livestock production improvement related to sustanaible organic farming to support green animal production for food security and human welfare
  3. Strengthening international networking in coping the millennial challenges
  4. To develop sustainable International students conference

Time and Venue
Time : 02-03 September 2020
Venue : Faculty of Animal Science, IPB University


The number of participants of International Students Conference were expected approximately 40-50 students. We expect the participants come from 15 universiteis within 9 countries. The list of participant coming from several foreign universities include Europe: Szent Izvant University, Hungaria (2 persons), Erciyes University, Turkey (2 persons); Asia: National Chun Hsing University, Taiwan (2 persons) and Tunghai University, Taiwan (2 person), Osaka University (2 person) and Shinsu University (2 person), Seoul National University and Chungnam National University, South Korea (2 person), Kasetsart University, University of Phayao, Thailand (3 person), University Malaysia Sabah (2 person), University Utara Malayasia (20 person), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh (2 person) and Indonesia (15 person)


International students conference consist plenary session and paralel session. Plena session will be delivered from invited speakers and their related topic Including oranic farming, green animal production and food security.Parallel Sessions consist presentation of paper and poster competition from 15 universities and 9 countries. The scope of related topics could be listed below:

  1. Tropical Animal Genetics Resources
  2. Heritage Poultry Breeds and Production
  3. Animal Product Processing
  4. Conservation and Environmental Economic
  5. Organic Farming
  6. Social Economy Animal Husbandry
  7. Perspective Animal
  8. Food and Biotechnology

International Students Conference would like to inform this event parallel with the Summer Course Program. All the participants have to write paper following Call for Papers schedule: Abstract submission deadline : 10 August 2020
Full paper submission : 24 August 2020
International Students Conference : 2 – 3 September 2020